The Big Day

Well, the big day was finally here. All I had to do was manage to make it through work in the morning before “Catelyn” arrived in the afternoon.
We were expecting her to be dropped off by 1.30 pm and I can tell you the last half hour of waiting was torture for me. MM must have been laughing silently at me. Hearing cars that weren’t there, peering out the window every few minutes. If that’s what it’s like for expectant fathers in the waiting room, then men, my heart goes out to you!

Finally, a car in the driveway and I had to pretend to be all cool, calm and collected while answering the door, when really, I just wanted to race outside and grab the gorgeous little bundle out of the car.
Breathe, just breathe. I just couldn’t wait for them to hand her over. She was so beautiful, asleep in her little dress, looking like a precious doll.

After what seemed an eternity (in reality about 5 minutes) I was handed one sleeping baby, who, woke up and just looked at me, no tears, no screaming. What more could we ask for?

The start of a beautiful weekend with a beautiful little lady.


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