The Weekend

What an amazing weekend with “Catelyn” we had.
Such a beautiful baby.
And I don’t mean just a cutie pie.
But, smiled at everyone, talked herself to sleep, talked to me until I woke up during the night for feeds, very relaxed about being cuddled by lots of people. My favourite thing had to be, every time I walked in the room she would turn and smile at me.
She had her signs that we were able to pick up on quite quickly about what she needed, so it made understanding her different sounds easier to identify.

I got to do some of the things I’ve always wanted to do.
Sleep interrupted nights.
Take baby shopping.
Take baby to visit farm.
Learn to dress a wriggling worm.
Gag on poop smells…seriously, how do they make that smell? They’re so small!
Laugh at the tri-coloured poop…thanks mum for introducing her to banana after she’s had pumpkin. It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Poop normal colour, with added layers of bright orange and then yellow. I just wanted to feed her beetroot and blueberries. Would we get a pink layer and a blue layer or would it come out a pretty purple colour??

MM was fantastic. He knew how special this weekend was for me. So he let me do as much of the looking after as I wanted as he’s had his own babies. I feel a bit guilty that I monopolised “Catelyn” but he assures me, that he was happy to watch me have my special time.
The first night when I was woken up by “Catelyn” I woke up MM to help me get her bottle and sit with us while she ad it, but the next 2 nights, I figured I’d have a go at doing it solo. No point both of us being tired during the day.

Babies hardly ever need respite care and there’s already a lot of carer’s who do emergency care just for babies, so we generally get the older kiddies, which is totally cool, but it was so nice to have a bubby for a change.

Thank you for never telling me I was doing things ‘wrong’.
Thank you for taking this journey with me.
Thank you for letting me have this super special weekend.

To my awesome PSW
I don’t know what strings you pulled to make this weekend happen for us, but thank you…a million times, thank you.


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