Kelly’s new word

Like a little kid when they learn a new word, all they want to do is try it out.
“Kelly” may have picked up a new word from me….ooops.
Isn’t it funny….you don’t even know you say something a lot until a little person picks it up and runs with it.
So what is it that “Kelly” has picked up from me you ask.

Well, when MM is being silly or pulling faces at me, or just making me laugh with his shenanigans I often shake my head and say “I love you”. It’s often accompanied by a comment like “you’re funny” or “you idiot” and a hug.

So, this weekend “Kelly” has been trying that out. When MM or I have been silly she laughs and says “I love you”.
On the way home from our alternative excursion Sunday (we didn’t go to the farm, see Am I a Chicken) we were talking about a funeral we had attended during the week, and how it was a real celebration of this persons life with people sharing stories.

So, I asked if they had any funny stories they would share about me.
MM just said, “yep…mashed potato” at which point I cracked up laughing, and I was laughing so much while MM explained why that we got a “I love you guys” from “Kelly”.

We never made any comments, we just let her try out her new phrase, she’s just trying it out, seeing how it fits, and I must say, after 18 months of providing resite for her, it was such a delight to hear and to feel that she really is comfortable with us.

Now, to get her to love maths!!


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