What are you doing this afternoon?

It wasn’t so very long ago that MM and I sat down with the lovely PSW, and had a discussion about doing emergency care as well as respite. Just that feeling of wanting to do more. Plus we’d had a couple of emergency placements, (special permission given to us for the placements) so we thought we might as well look at doing it properly.
So, we had a meeting, filled out the paperwork, and waited.
We waited for only a few weeks and then while PSW was on leave we got a call from the fill-in PSW who congratulated us on getting our emergency certification which was followed in the next sentence by “so, what are you doing this afternoon?”

Our reply…. “Why?”

It seems there were 2 little kiddies needing an emergency placement. They were in the city, in court, and needed somewhere to go. We were only able to provide a week for the placement with “Kelly” due to come for respite, and that was fine. We asked all the important questions, how old, names, anything we should know. We got the basics, but as their mum was giving them up, there was very little information about them, so we were going to be flying blind.

So, with a whole 90 minutes notice, we had two gorgeous little munchkins on our doorstep.


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