MM’s time as Mr Mum

So, we just had “Thelma and Louise” for 2 days as an emergency placement and MM was Mr Mum while I was at work.
I thought that seeing as this was his first real Mr Mum opportunity I would get him to answer some questions about his experience.

MM how did you prepare for meeting the girls knowing that they are scared of strange men?

I was a bit nervous about meeting them because I knew they would be scared, but that was the opposite of what actually happened. I was greeted with lots of smiles and they didn’t seem too concerned about meeting me at all. It was almost like I hadn’t seen them for a while and we were just catching up.

When the girls said that they didn’t want to go to school the next day as they were concerned about being ‘snatched’ from school how did you feel about the prospect of being home all day with two girls?

I wasn’t really worried about the prospect of looking after them at all. I was just a bit worried about how I was going to keep them occupied.

How did your day at home with the girls go?

It went surprisingly well. They only had one little “incident” all day.
It’s a bit of a foreign concept to me to spend the day alone with kids. In my previous life, I was always the one out working while the kids were looked after or taken on errands or taken to school etc.
We had to allow some time for the girls to go and see their mum and a little later in the day we had to go to the courts for the girls to see their advocate. Either one of those appointments could have spelt trouble but neither did, so maybe I was a little lucky.

How did you feel at the end of the day?

I was wrecked at the end of the day, but luckily we work well as a team. I tagged CeeJay “it” when she got home so that I had a break while dinner was being cooked (I cooked dinner).
We had a bit of a late night because the girls were a bit worried about school the next day. When we eventually got to bed, we were both very tired and just crashed.

Would you do it again while you’re working part time? Or would you prefer to do emergency placements during the school holidays when I’m home all day to share the load more?

I don’t have any preference at all. I’m happy to help out at any time. We started doing this together and I’m more than happy to help out and share the load whenever I can.


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