Moved to tears

“Thelma and Louise” came with warnings. We were told they are scared of strange men (oh oh MM, good luck with that) and that they sleep with knives and scissors under their pillows, so lock up your sharps.
That has to bring tears to your eyes, two little ladies who’s home life is so scary that they do that. I never accept a placement without checking with MM first, and once I told him that, he said of course we had to take them.
I found out when they arrived that they also sleep in the same bed for safety. Even now, my heart hurts for them.
So, they arrived and after a little while “Thelma” worked out she had seen me before, at work, with about 150 other children, so I didn’t know her, but she’d seen me in action and was instantly comfortable here. With that, I was able to tell her if she knew me then she might remember MM as he was with me, I described him, and she turned to “Louise” and said “we don’t have to be scared of him, he’s good with kids”. By the time MM got home from work we’d looked through a scrapbook of MM and his girls and their girls, so “Thelma and Louise” already felt like they knew him and it was like old friends catching up.

On their second night here, “Thelma’s” friend from school sent her a message letting her know she had to write a story for school. “Thelma” wrote about the day she was ‘snatched’ from school by the department (her words not mine). The end of the story she wrote about who she would like to live with. She had a great long list of relatives and there at the very end was “or with Cee Jay and MM”.

Only 2 days with us and the girls slept in separate beds with nothing pointy under their pillows.
Only 2 days with us and we were on her list of people to live with.

There was no stopping my tears.
Even thinking about it now brings tears to my eyes.

To “Thelma and Louise” I hope that living with your grandmother is working out for you both.
You are always welcome here, but hopefully, you never need to return. Maybe, one day you will pop in and let us know how you are going. Hugs to you both.


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