Best Event

Saturday was the Easter Picnic for our foster care agency. What an awesome event.

It was just a sausage sizzle in a playground, but, it was perfect weather, and all of the children were fantastic.

We had our tribe with us, “Kelly”, “Scarlett” and “Jade”. We chatted with “Kelly” and “Scarlett” on the way there about our expectations for their behaviour. We let them know they would most probably be the oldest children there so we expected that they would be great role models with behaviour for all of the younger children. We also let “Scarlett” know that there would be an Easter Egg Hunt and we expected that she would not race around finding all of the eggs and not leaving any fun for the young children. It was a chat about how magical it is for young children to find the eggs and how for her it’s just about getting chocolate, about how for some of the children there (regardless of their age) it may be their first Easter egg hunt.

It was so lovely to have a few adults at the picnic come and comment to us about how lovely our girls were. Helping the little kids on the playground and helping with the Easter Egg hunt.

“Kylie” was also there, we got the biggest hugs from her, and she spent her time with “Kylie” and “Scarlett”. The three of them get along so well, it was lovely to see. It was interesting to see “Scarlett” comment on how many eggs “Kylie” had and how she should have shared more with the little kids. When “Kylie” wasn’t around we quietly explained that this was “Kylie’s” very first Easter egg hunt, just as last weekend was her very first birthday party, and the first time she got presents for her birthday.

Our little “Catelyn” was also there. She’s not so little anymore, 18 months old now with the tinniest little ponytail, and starting to put little sentences together. That little lady is doing¬† with her family. It was at the Easter picnic last year that she first went home with them, now, later this week her case goes back to court and we all have everything crossed that she will get to live forever with her lovely foster parents.

“Jade” seemed to be the star of the picnic, perhaps her cute little bunny outfit had something to do with that, with so many people coming over to chat with us and to see how she’s going and I guess it’s strange for people to see us with such a little person as we normally care for much older children. My highlight had to be “Catelyn” wanting to give her a hug and a kiss. So cute.

Such a lovely day. Lovely people. Lovely children. All of us together sharing our stories with other people who understand the joys and challenges of being a foster carer. All of the children together with no one feeling out of place for being a child in care, just enjoying the day.

Quite possibly the best foster care event we have been to so far.

What’s the best event you have been to and why?


The baby diaries Part 12

Happy half birthday to me!

I’m 6 months old and I got a mini party for my mid-year celebration!

It was just the milk lady and milkman and my special sister “Scarlett” and I got a present from all of them.

I like presents. Actually, I like unwrapping presents and playing with the paper. The presents are ok, but the pretty paper is so much fun to squish up and try to eat it and rip it. I love that part the best.

I also¬†got a little cupcake with a candle on it. I didn’t get to eat it though as my brother was allergic to eggs, and the milk lady is a bit concerned I will be too, but I got to try the frosting…mmmm. The milk lady tells me I will get to try things with eggs but not just yet.

My first mini party was lovely and I can’t wait to turn one! Maybe a bigger party, maybe with more presents or even better, just lots of pretty paper to play with.

The Baby Diaries Part 10

Is it normal for adults to giggle all the time?

The milk lady is often laughing around me.

She giggles when she changes my nappy after I’ve done a poop. She finds the multi-coloured poops entertaining since I started on solids.

The Milk lady giggled this morning when I puked all over her. She said I was like a little milk volcano. I guess it was funny because I don’t do it very often and never when we’re about to go out, I’m good like that.

I thought her head was going to fall off one day from laughing so much. I’d just had a bath and the milk lady had read that some babies like to do tummy time after a relaxing bath, before they get dressed. So, that’s what we did. That’s such a great position for pooping in, the milk lady said I looked like some gross Mr Whippy ice cream fountain. That was the first and last time we did tummy time like that.

I’m quite lucky she is such a good sport because I like to mix things up. Just when the milk lady is getting comfy with our routine I go and change everything. Two nights ago I slept for 9 hours. I woke up starving hungry. The milk lady didn’t even get grumpy with me for screaming the house down, she just smiled and giggled and said everything was ok, I just had a hole in my tummy and it would be fine just as soon as I had a bottle. Last night, I had the milk lady up 4 times and then did the milk volcano trick. Still, not grumpy, but she does look very tired. I must say I’m tired too, so maybe I’ll sleep nicely tonight for her.

I wonder what giggles we’ll have today.



Merriest Christmas

For so many years I didn’t get into Christmas.
I didn’t put up my tree.
No Christmas cards.
I would go to the family Christmas lunch and leave early, often in tears.
Why celebrate when I felt I had nothing to celebrate?
I had no children to dote over and I never would….or so I thought.

Becoming a foster carer has been the most amazing experience, and this year, while baby “Jade” is not with us on this special day (that’s a story for another day) we do have her gifts and some for “Kelly” and best of all, we have “Kylie” with us today.

We’ve had the tree up for weeks.

We’ve grown candy canes.

seedssproutingbiggerfully grown

We left out water for the reindeers and cookies for Santa.

When “Kylie” woke up and saw all the presents under the tree she was a bit excited, and so was I.

Santa's been

I had so much fun putting the gifts under the tree with MM and being an elf while “Kylie” slept and as sad as I am “Jade” isn’t here today, the good news is that next weekend we will have all 3 girls with us and we can do Christmas all over with all our girls. I can’t wait!!!

While these babies aren’t my own, I couldn’t have had more enjoyment preparing for Christmas. In fact, I’ve maybe had more fun knowing that for these children we’ve tried to make Christmas as special possible for them.

Best. Christmas. Ever.

I had a dream

Ok, so I’m a bit ahead of myself, it’s September, so to be dreaming about Christmas might be getting just a little bit ahead.

In my dream it was the agency’s Christmas Picnic.

We went along, not having any kids, and me wondering if we were going to stick out amongst all the families.

MM and I set up our picnic blanket and up ran “Amber” for a hug.
Then over strolled shy little “Johnny” followed by “Terrance” and little “Catelyn’s” support worker helped her toddle over.

So, we were surrounded by some of our babies, laughing and chatting…well “Johnny” was watching and smiling.

Woke up with a smile bursting to tell MM.

I’ll keep you posted as to what REALLY happens later in the ear at the Christmas Picnic.

What a lovely dream.

What’s your favourite foster/adoption dream?

Kelly’s new word

Like a little kid when they learn a new word, all they want to do is try it out.
“Kelly” may have picked up a new word from me….ooops.
Isn’t it funny….you don’t even know you say something a lot until a little person picks it up and runs with it.
So what is it that “Kelly” has picked up from me you ask.

Well, when MM is being silly or pulling faces at me, or just making me laugh with his shenanigans I often shake my head and say “I love you”. It’s often accompanied by a comment like “you’re funny” or “you idiot” and a hug.

So, this weekend “Kelly” has been trying that out. When MM or I have been silly she laughs and says “I love you”.
On the way home from our alternative excursion Sunday (we didn’t go to the farm, see Am I a Chicken) we were talking about a funeral we had attended during the week, and how it was a real celebration of this persons life with people sharing stories.

So, I asked if they had any funny stories they would share about me.
MM just said, “yep…mashed potato” at which point I cracked up laughing, and I was laughing so much while MM explained why that we got a “I love you guys” from “Kelly”.

We never made any comments, we just let her try out her new phrase, she’s just trying it out, seeing how it fits, and I must say, after 18 months of providing resite for her, it was such a delight to hear and to feel that she really is comfortable with us.

Now, to get her to love maths!!